Definition and Types of Soulmates

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While the concept of soulmates is frequently romanticized, the truth is that a soulmate can be much more than a romantic partner—it is someone with whom you have an intense connection in any form.


What Is a Soulmate?

A soulmate is someone with whom you have a high level of compatibility. Deep connections create soulmates, and while many people see soulmates as a rom-com-perfect match, soulmates can be much more than romantic love. Your soulmate could be your true love—your spouse or romantic partner—but you could also have another or a different soulmate, such as a best friend, mentor, or professional partner.

Outside of marriage, healthy relationships are essential. Even so, when people talk about soulmates, they usually mean "the one": the person with whom they have an instant connection and romantic interest. Whatever type of soulmate you have or seek, this person will uplift and fulfill you in profound ways.


4 Types of Soulmates

Soulmates can be found in a variety of relationships. Consider the following strong bonds that can lead to soulmates:

1. Best friends: A soulmate can be a best friend. Someone you've known since middle or high school, or from an adult friendship, could be your best friend. Best friends will develop a strong bond and find it easy and enjoyable to be in each other's company. Best friends may go on trips together, support one another's families and life goals, and be there to help each other in times of need.

2. Karmic soulmates: A karmic soulmate will enter your life to teach you or to meet a need. In this soulmate connection, each person brings unique skills to the table, but both share a common vision.

3. Life partners: A romantic soulmate can be a life partner—a spouse or significant other. This soulmate relationship typically entails co-building a home and family. This type of soulmate exhibits unconditional love.

4. Twin flames: A twin flame relationship is one in which each person sees a part of themselves in the other. Twin flames may share certain characteristics, passions, or insecurities. Twin flame love can be platonic, emotional, romantic, intellectual, or a combination of these characteristics. It could be an artistic collaborator, mentor, or a stand-alone friend with whom you have a strong bond.


How to Know if You Have Found Your Soulmate

Pay attention to the five signs that someone could be your soulmate:

1. You can spend time together easily. When you spend time with your soulmate, there should be little to no tension; your hours together should be light and breezy, and time will fly by. Soulmates can and do disagree, but the important thing is that you always act in love toward one another and make room in your heart for forgiveness.

2. You are concerned about their well-being. Outside of your relationship, you will want to genuinely support your soulmate's family, career goals, and ventures, and they should want the same for you.

3. You feel a spark around the person. You may experience a romantic spark—that ineffable feeling you get when you're in each other's company—but it could also be a platonic or intellectual spark. Whatever it is, it will make you want to spend more time with each other.

4. Your self-esteem improves. Spending time with a soulmate may make you feel lighter. This individual should make you feel better about yourself and boost your self-esteem. Similarly, you should make this person feel safe, comfortable, and celebrated.

Imagining life without your soulmate can be depressing and lonely. You may feel bittersweet with this person because you know how fortunate you are to have found a soulmate, how fragile some relationships are, and how important this person is to have in your life.

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