Setting Up a Retail Business: Top Marketing Tips

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There are those who say that retail is dead and the future is e-commerce, yet other business experts will tell you that there will always be a place for the retail sector, albeit slightly morphed. If you have the right product at the right place and the right store location, there is every reason to expect a degree of success. Regardless of your chosen product or service, marketing is an essential component of every business, and with that in mind, here are a few top retail marketing tips from a seasoned business coach.


1. Launching the store – Whether you are selling vibrators or auto parts, you need to organise an event to launch the grand opening. You could livestream the event on your Facebook page, plus prepare a few boxes of promotional gifts to hand out to shoppers. You need to get your message out to the local community and social media is the ideal platform; who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Handing out flyers in busy places is a good way to let people know about your grand opening.

2. Create a digital marketing plan – You will need to engage the services of a local SEO agency to assist you in creating a dynamic digital marketing plan. The agency would first take a look at your existing digital profile, then incorporate search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media.

3. Store décor - Your store window is very valuable real estate and it should be designed in such a way to engage passers-by. If need be, get some professional help from a local window dresser and make sure your interior is looking good for launch day. Calls to action (CTA) should be in the right locations and blend the signage with your branding.


4. Stickers and labels – Talk to an online sticker printing shop and have them design promotional stickers and labels to promote the launch. Hand these out with every sale and with car bumper stickers, you will get your name out there.

5. Website design & administration – Let's not forget that every retail business needs a digital presence, as this will help spread the word. You can find all your IT needs with a single provider, a company that can design, build and host your website. Make the best use of social media to promote your store create seasonal discounts and reward loyal customers with discounts.

6. Allocate a monthly marketing budget – If you approach a local digital marketing agency with a monthly budget, you will be amazed at what they can do for you. Link-building is one important service that pays good dividends and any good marketing plan can be adjusted at the drop of a hat.

Setting up a retail business is fraught with risk and on-point marketing and branding is paramount; engage the services of an award-winning SEO agency and they will steer your business in the right direction.

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