How To Earn Stable Passive Income For Graphic Designers With Marketplaces

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The idea of passive income, one way or another, occurs to almost everyone. Any job brings a person active revenue. But it is worth staying without it, as the means of subsistence disappear. To avoid such a situation, you need to take care of the airbag in advance and provide yourself with passive income. Talented people like graphic designers cannot get stuck in one permanent place. Thanks to modern technology and various Internet sites like MasterBundles, there are options to earn extra money. Let's look at this topic in more detail. 

What Is A Passive Income?

It is essentially the receipt of funds that replenishes your budget without your being active. That is, you manage your assets so that they, with the right approach, will increase your investment. In today's world, such activities include deposits in banks, buying real estate, and renting out homes and bonds. If you are a graphic designer, you can easily upload your work on different marketplaces. These are online platforms for selling and buying goods and services over the Internet. One of the sites in demand today is MasterBundles, where you do not just become another user but are a partner of the provider. It’s perfect for those who want to earn a stable income and strengthen their hard skills in design.

The company offers a lot of benefits. First of all, you can sell your graphic design without any difficulty. You are required to come up with and implement interesting and modern ideas in the form of icons, illustrations, SVGs, patterns, textures, logos, backgrounds, infographics, and so on. Register on the platform and upload your offers. You don't even have to pay anything. The provider will take a percentage of sales. The distribution amount is 50% of the skin product sold. Fair enough, since other competitors such as Creative Market, Photodune, Templatic, and others have less favorable terms. 

What's the advantage for Graphic Designers of working with Digital Marketplaces?

Speaking in general, of course, such platforms offer performers to demonstrate their work to a wider range of people. Designers are left to do what they love, which is to create. Companies like MasterBundles become not just a sales site but a full-fledged companion in promoting your products and brand. It's really rare these days. Interestingly, on the platform, you can find such a service as scouting. This is when the page presents products that can be found on competitors' websites, that is, other marketplaces. For example, you have already published your portfolio somewhere else. Give the necessary information to the administration of MasterBundles. They will make sure that your work will be noticed. The opinions of current users and just visitors are similar. Rest assured, not every competitor can offer this kind of extra income. Register on the site and do what works for you.

What About Me?

I create interesting and unique products. But I haven't published them anywhere yet. Now I'm thinking about starting cooperation with the platform. Moreover, at the very least, I will take the opportunity to become MasterBundles affiliate which can bring dividends today. How does it work? On the whole, it's very simple. You have the opportunity to earn a 15% commission on each sale you are able to make. If you go to the site, there is a chance to register as an affiliate member there. This will give you the possibility to get a unique parameter. So you will get 15% of every purchase made when a person clicks on your referral link. The provider has created a fairly convenient user-friendly account where you can track your income.

What Do You Need To Be Ready For When Working With MasterBundles?


Moderation procedure

Anyone who wants to cooperate with the platform must go through such a scheme. The company values customers, so frankly, low-quality products will not enter the marketplace.

Commission for publication and sale of your product

This indicator is 50% of the item cost. Not everyone likes it, but all marketplaces have such conditions.

Minimum withdrawal amount

You need to make sure that there are enough funds on balance on the site. If the account has less than $50, it will be impossible to withdraw funds.

Are There Other Passive Options For Graphic Designers? 

People are always looking at different variants for making money. This is especially evident when you are involved in a creative profession. In the case when you are an experienced graphic designer, you can safely share your knowledge and practical projects. Therefore, it is possible to create your manuals and video courses, then sell them online. You can confirm your position in this area thanks to the vendor rating maintained by MasterBundles. The provider shows only verified and truthful information, which is based on the opinion of customers. 

The more projects you have, and successful collaborations with clients, the higher you are on the list. This is a confirmation of your status and professionalism. You can start your blog and run it proactively. The more interesting the content and audience engagement, the more you can monetize from a project like this. It's a chance to show the life of a graphic designer from the inside, as well as to make some extra money. By the way, the same rating and portfolio on MasterBundles will be a great boost for your blog. You will be able to sell the services of the company to your audience and receive passive income from the affiliate program that was mentioned earlier.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, it should be noted that graphic designers today have a lot of opportunities. Thanks to the Internet and the wide audience that visits various platforms, professionals can distribute their work and earn money. Everyone needs additional revenue. MasterBundles may not become your first marketplace for earnings, but they are evolving, always in touch and helping at every stage. So if you’ll get 500-1000 dollars in six months, it will be a nice bonus. Even more, the income from such cooperation can equal the salary at the main job soon. 

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