What Does a Music Publicist Do?

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A music publicist is a music industry professional who creates and maintains a media presence for their musician client.


What Is a Music Publicist?

A music publicist is a public relations professional who works for a musician or band. A music publicist communicates with the media, creates public relations campaigns, distributes press releases, and books media appearances for the musician. A music publicist also collaborates with the musician's entourage, which includes the manager, booking agent, and lawyers. The media publicist's job is to assist artists in developing and maintaining a strong media presence with positive press coverage in order to propel their musical career.


What Does a Music Publicist Do?

A music publicist's responsibilities for their client include the following:

Arranges interviews: A music publicist is the person in charge of media interviews. If a newspaper or podcast wants to interview a musician, they will work with the musician's publicist to make the necessary arrangements.

Creates press kits: A music publicist is in charge of putting together press kits and press releases for distribution to media outlets. Press kits will include information about the musician's upcoming album releases, single releases, tours, and other newsworthy events.

Manages social media accounts: A good publicist will also know how to manage a musician's social media presence in order to keep the musician in the public eye and in touch with their core fan base. This includes managing a client's music on music streaming services.

Networking with sponsors: A music publicist will also connect the musician with potential sponsors who may want to hire the musician as a spokesperson for their brand. Sponsors can be large music publicity campaigns or social media music influencers.


How to Become a Music Publicist

Here are a few ideas to get you started in the music industry if you want to become a music publicist:

Build up your portfolio:  Put together a portfolio of press releases you've written, as well as any articles, videos, and radio spots you've helped organize, once you've had some experience working or interning with a music PR firm. Your portfolio will demonstrate to potential clients how skilled you are at developing a media presence.

Connect with other musicians:  A music publicist must know how to find new music and find new clients. Connect with local music scenes, read music blogs, and listen to independent artists to discover new talent who may require the assistance of a music publicist.

Establish connections: A successful media publicist must have strong media contacts. Make connections with podcast hosts, music journalists, and other professionals in the industry. Attend local gigs, events, and premieres to get your name out there.

Intern: Most music publicists begin their careers as interns with a music PR firm or an indie publicist. This will help you make contacts in the music industry and begin to build your own portfolio of publicity campaign materials.

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