Tips for Measuring Ring Size

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Knowing your ring size is essential when purchasing wedding bands and rings. Check that your ring fits before the big day. To get the most accurate measurement for a perfect fit, use this ring size guide.


How to Know If Your Ring Fits

Your ring is a good fit if it fits snugly around the base of your finger but is loose enough that you can remove it without using too much force. To remove a ring, you should not have to lather your hands in oil. Push your ring up from the bottom; there should be some space between it and your finger. The ring should slide over the knuckle on your ring finger with minimal friction but should not fall off when you move your hands.

Because fingers expand and contract, try wearing your ring throughout the day and making sure it can be easily removed. For example, in the morning, your body temperature is lower, and there is less blood flow to your extremities, causing your fingers to shrink. Exercise, hot weather, and a high-sodium meal, on the other hand, can cause swelling.


How to Measure Ring Sizes at Home

You can measure your wedding ring or band at a jewelry store, or you can measure your and your partner's ring finger sizes at home. Consider the following at-home methods for determining ring size:

Measure another ring. You may not be able to measure your partner's ring if you are looking for an engagement ring for a surprise proposal. Before purchasing the ring, make a reasonable size estimate and ensure that your local jeweler can resize it if necessary. You can try measuring a ring that you or your partner already own. To determine the size, trace the inside circumference of the ring onto a piece of paper and place it on a printout of a ring size chart.

Put measuring tape around your finger. Use a soft tape measure that can be wrapped around your finger. Make a circle with the tape around the base of your ring finger. Because finger sizes vary from hand to hand, make sure you measure the correct finger. Place the tape over your knuckles to ensure a comfortable fit, then take an accurate measurement down to the eighth of an inch or millimeter. This is the inside measurement of the ring. To determine your ring size, compare this measurement to a ring size chart.

Wrap some string around your ring finger. Wrap a piece of string, floss, or a piece of paper around your finger and mark where it overlaps. Check that you are not wrapping too tightly. There should be some wiggle room to allow a ring to pass over the knuckle, which should be wider than the base of your finger. To determine your ring size, compare this measurement to a ring size chart.


3 Tips for Measuring Ring Size

Follow these guidelines for measuring your ring finger at home for accuracy:

1. Do it at the end of the day. Fingers constrict in cold weather, so measure your finger in the evening for a more accurate measurement because your body temperature is lower in the morning.

2. Identify the metric system of measurement. If you are shopping for an international ring online, use a conversion chart to determine the correct system of measurement. Ring sizes for men and women in the United States and Canada range from three to thirteen. The diameter and circumference measurements of the ring increase with size. Other countries' ring size charts use different alphabetical or numerical metrics.

3. Use multiple measurement methods. To ensure the most accurate fit and to determine the correct ring size, use at least two different measurement methods.

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