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Blink App for PC is a camera application that can be used to monitor and control Blink cameras. This app allows you to secure your personal spaces, such as apartments or homes, as well as commercial spaces, such as offices. You can use this app to control the blink cameras from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

You must follow the procedures in this article to download and install the Blink Camera app for PC (Windows and Mac).


Main Features of the Blink App

- With this app, you can remotely monitor your cameras at any time.

- It includes a speaker and microphone, allowing you to communicate with people nearby your Blink camera.

- There is a powerful motion detector that will immediately alert you if it detects movement in its vicinity.

- The Blink camera will save previous recordings to the cloud; no NVR is required to use it.

- The user interface is modern, stylish, and simple to use, and anyone can use it.

- The camera is fully controllable and supports functions like Pan, Tilt, and Zoom.

- Works with Alexa and Siri, two of the most popular virtual AI assistants.


Advantages of Using the Blink App 2023

It's useful to be able to control your blink security cameras from anywhere. That is why we should download and install the Blink App For PC in order to control our security camera. This program allows you to start a two-way audio conversation with just a few clicks. Everything can also be recorded in an instant. The Blink app is user-friendly and simple to use.


How to Download Blink App for PC 2023 (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Because there is no.exe version of this application, Blink App For PC may not be available anywhere. To install the Blink app for PC, you will need to use a workaround. But don't worry, there is a simple solution, and we will walk you through the steps to download, install, and run this amazing camera application on your Windows PC or Mac.


Method 1: Blink app for PC Download Using Bluestacks

Step #1: First, we are going to need an emulator for this. This is the only way to run it for your PC or laptop. If you are using Windows PC, download Bluestacks.

Step #2: Next, install the Bluestacks and follow the onscreen guide that will appear on your screen. It is actually very easy, simple, and straightforward to install.

Step #3: After installing the emulator, find the Google Play Store and run it.

Step #4: Now, enter your Google Play Store account in order to access its apps.

Step #5: Once you are inside, you can now search for the Blink Home Monitor app.

Step #6: Click the install button to start installing the Blink Home Monitor App for PC.

Step #7: When the download is completed, you can open the Blink App at your Home or Desktop.


Method 2: Download the Blink app for PC Using LD Player

Step #1: LD Player is one of the best choices for running the Blink app for PC. To download it, simply click this link.

Step #2: Once you have the LD Player, it’s time to install it. Double click the setup of LD Player to start it.

Step #3: Open it once you finished the installation.

Step #4: Next, go to Google Play Store and run it. Since this is the first time running it, enter your Google account to get access to its market.

Step #5: Now, search for the Blink app and then click the install button.

Step #6: Once installed, you can now use the Blink app on your Windows PC or Mac.


Method 3: Get the Blink app for PC Using Nox Player

Step #1: Get the latest version of the Nox Player emulator. Make sure to download the latest version of it. The website can be found here.

Step #2: Run the installer and then follow the installation process that will pop on your screen.

Step #3: Once you installed it, open the Nox Player emulator.

Step #4: Find the Google Play Store app and then log in to your account on it.

Step #5: After that, you can start searching for the Blink Camera app.

Step #6: Click the install button to start downloading it.

Step #7: In this way, the Blink Camera app for PC will be installed and you can run it using the Nox Player by opening it from the menu of this emulator.


How to Connect and Use the Blink App?

Following the installation of the Blink app for PC, the following steps must be taken in order to use it.

Step #1: Open the Blink app and then enter your account on it. If this is your first time opening it and you don’t have an account, click the create a new account.

Step #2: Once you logged in to your account, click the “New System” button.

Step #3: Enter the serial number of your camera and start connecting it.

Step #4: Once the camera is connected to your Blink app, you can start viewing it. To view it, click the camera icon and its preview, and then it will give you a choice to control it.



How do I access my Blink account?
To access your Blink account, go to the Blink app's main page and then click the Account button. You can change your email, password, phone number, country, connected devices, and other account settings from here.

How do I set up a second Blink account?
You must create a new account and link your cameras to it. Once you've created your second account, log out of your first account on the Blink app and enter your second account information. Choose "Trust this device" for quick access so it doesn't ask for a pin every time you log out to change the account.

Is there a monthly service fee for Blink?
The Basic Plan costs $3.00 per month. If you choose a one-year subscription, the first two months are free, bringing the total to $30.00 per year.



In this article, you learned how to easily download and install the Blink App for PC on your Windows or Mac computer. We strongly recommend that you install and try this application for running security cameras.

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