Biometric Time Tracking System for Employees

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NexGen Technology's Sprinter time and attendance management software is a potent instrument that can assist both individuals and organizations in efficiently managing their resources and time. NexGen Technology's Sprinter Time & Management software is an essential tool for anyone looking to increase productivity and effectiveness because it can efficiently allocate resources, manage deadlines, and track time spent on projects and tasks. Our Sprinter Time & Management software can help you get better results and streamline your workflow whether you're a freelancer, small business owner, or part of a larger organization. We can assist you in identifying areas where you can increase your efficiency and make better use of your time by providing a comprehensive overview of your work activities and progress our Sprinter Time and Attendance Software includes:



NexGen Provides full customization and a completely paperless employee onboarding system



Access, create, and manage your roster from any mobile device. Sprinter software has completely streamlined and automated the way you schedule


Time and Attendance

Time and attendance software automatically calculates any combination of time rates, overtime and complex arrangements


Employee Self Service

Allow your employees to manage all aspects of their work life through Sprinter Software Employee Self-Service Mobile App.



Job Advertising, Applicant Tracking, and Candidate Assessment using Sprinter Software Incorporated Recruitment functionality


Leave Management

Leaving and Unavailability management forms part of Sprinter Software's end-to-end capability. Leave management is fully incorporated into employee scheduling T&A and flows directly through to seamless payroll.


Business Intelligence

Make better decisions with real-time business analytics. HR applications from Sprinter Software allow you to access the live dashboard and take action anywhere anytime on a mobile tablet or desktop device.


Automate Workflows Set Reminders

Schedule reminders for key events, work anniversaries, birthdays, and more. configure email alerts for probation completion or changes in any important data like a change in position or a department transfer

NexGen Technology's Sprinter Time and Attendance Software can help you stay organized and on top of your work by offering a variety of features that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. This software can give you the tools you need to achieve your objectives and get the most out of your productivity, including time tracking, scheduling, task management, and resource allocation.

In general, Sprinter Time and Attendance Software is an important tool for anyone who wants to learn how to better manage their time and work more efficiently. You can have more control over your schedule, work more efficiently, and achieve your goals more effectively by investing in this software.

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