Is Vingo a Good Online Running App to Gift to Your Spouse?

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If you are wondering what an online running app is, here's your answer. It is an app that you use to transform your treadmill running into an adventure in the online world. It is called Vingo and it uses Virtual Reality coupled with Social Media to give you an immersive out of world experience. Here are a few features about the app that will clear all your questions about it.


Gift Them Great Experience During Workouts

Running is no doubt the best exercise there is. You can run at your own pace, use your own body weight to transform yourself. This is why many people prefer running over other forms of exercises. And with the advent of treadmills, running indoors became a common phenomenon. Be it in a gym, or in their own houses, running became very popular. But with every other thing, running indoors became boring for many. Staring at the same wall everyday is bound to get anyone bored enough to slow down and quit. This is when Vingo came into the picture. The app transforms indoor running into a virtual phenomenon and takes the users into a new world where they can enjoy beautiful sceneries while they run.


Get Constant Motivation to Workout More

With the app by your side, you can experience this virtual world too. All you have to do is install the app on your iPhone and connect it to your treadmill. Once in, you can browse through the various virtual locations and maps preloaded in the app. From beautiful mountains to never ending plains, the app has it all. Select the map of your choice and start running. You will notice the scenery in the map moving before your eyes. You will never be bored while you run. But that's not all. The app will interact with you and suggest you different routes based on your selection. This way it makes sure you will be constantly motivated every day.


Workout Happily with Your Friends and Family

While running inside Vingo, you can either go for solo runs, or you can have company. If you like your friends to join you while you run, you can always invite them into the app and you can all go for online running trips every day. Or, you can make new friends through the app by befriending fellow runners in your selected locations.


Affordable App with the Ability to Create Multiple Profiles

The app is very affordable too. It only costs less than $10 per month to use the app. And for that price you can add up to 8 different profiles to your account. This way you can bring your family into your online adventures.


Vingo is Probably the Best App for Fitness

The app also supports training bikes to ride indoor cycling along with treadmills. This way you can use it for running, jogging, and even cycling exercises. You can spice up your fitness journey with this best app for fitness. So, gift it to your better half and enjoy!

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