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Are you a passionate book lover who enjoys sharing your thoughts on books? If so, then becoming a test reader for RedFOX Verlag is the perfect opportunity for you. By joining our team, you can indulge in the pleasure of reading and benefit from receiving free books in various formats. Let’s explore the fantastic perks of being a test reader for RedFOX Verlag!


Contact to Authors:

As a test reader, you gain exclusive access to our talented authors. This means you can directly engage with them and exchange information about their current works. Imagine the thrill of conversing with the creators behind the stories you love.


Free Copies:

One of the greatest advantages of being a test reader is the chance to receive selected books free of charge. Whether you prefer e-books or paperbacks, we provide you with a wide range of formats to suit your reading preferences. This opens up exciting possibilities for discovering new and captivating reads.


Mention in the Book:

Your contribution as a test reader matters to us. Those who provide valuable feedback and support can be recognized by name in the book itself. It’s a wonderful acknowledgement of your time and dedication, showcasing your role as an essential part of the book’s journey.


Part of the Creative Team:

At RedFOX Verlag, we value the opinions of our test readers. By joining our team, you become an influential member of our creative process. You can suggest topics, projects, and authors, thus shaping our program planning. Additionally, you have the opportunity to contribute to designing book covers and deciding on titles. Your input helps us Improve the quality and appeal of our offerings.


Join Our Test Reader Team:

We are constantly seeking new readers who can provide us with their invaluable feedback. Our catalog is regularly updated with a diverse range of books, from how-to guides to cookbooks and children’s books. By signing up as a test reader, you have the chance to actively participate in improving the content and overall reading experience. Share your reading habits with us and help us create exceptional books.



RedFOX Verlag invites passionate book enthusiasts to join their test reader team and enjoy the perks of receiving free books. As a test reader, you can engage with authors, receive free copies, be mentioned in the book, influence our creative process, and contribute to our program planning. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be a part of our team. Sign up now and embark on a journey filled with captivating stories and enriching reading experiences.

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