Expand Your Business with Multi-service Gojek Clone App in Thailand

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A growing number of businesses are expanding their operations online! The goals may be different but what to do to expand them is a common question. Where consumers are interested in using applications that solve all their problems in one go, entrepreneurs are using these apps to increase their profits, reach more customers, and more! The Gojek Clone App in Thailand is doing the same!

Let’s elaborate on this!

Expand Your Business in Thailand with a Mobile App

By choosing the right app, features, and technology, you can easily expand your business online and solve the problems of your customers.

Here are a few ways you can expand the business and simultaneously attain your goals by launching an advanced app like Gojek!

Increase your reach

The foremost requirement for expanding the business is - brand awareness. What would you do if no one knows who you are? How will to attract them?

Therefore, with the help of the Gojek-like app, you can make your brand more visible, spread awareness, and gradually get more recognition!

When you launch the Gojek Clone app in Thailand, your customers will be able to see:

- Your brand name and logo on the introduction screen and everywhere on the app, website, panels, etc.

- The color theme of the app matches the color of your brand name & logo.

In simpler words, your customers will start recognizing your brand name & logo as a business that offers the best on-demand services on a single platform!

Acquire a new audience base

For expansion, you need a new customer base that will use the app, increase sales, and will recommend more people to use the app. This cycle must go on and on!

In the same vein, the app developers have launched refer and earn reward systems!

Under this system, existing customers will be able to share their invite code with their friends and family. They can now use this code to register with the app and start booking on-demand services they want like taxi booking, hiring beauticians, sending parcels,  etc.

Once the new members register with the app and book their first service, the customer gets monetary rewards.

For example, if they have shared the code with 10 people and all of them register with the app and book their first service, they’ll get a $10 reward per person!

Standout from the competition

By launching the Gojek Clone app in Thailand, you will not only expand the business but also become the king of the on-demand service industry!

This app gives you many reasons to stand out from the competition.

- It offers 101+ on-demand services.

- The app has multiple advanced features like login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning, OTP verification, voice note instructions, multiple credit card management, etc.

- It is made with robust technologies like PHP, Swift, Java, Amazon AWS, and many more.

Boost your revenue

You can easily boost your on-demand multi-service business with this app along with your profits. You can start making money from day one of the app launch.

You will make more profits using this app plus earn some extra money with in-app advertising, surcharges, and cancellation fees.

The two profit-centric business models using which you can make easy and quick money are:


By launching the Gojek Clone app in Thailand, you will be able to make profits by earning a commission on each and every service booked through the app. The commission rates can be set differently for services from different genres like on-demand services, online video consultation, food delivery, etc. 

Membership Subscription Plans

These plans are curated by the entrepreneur. The plans come with different time validity like weekly, 1 month, 6 months, annual, etc.

Based on the provider’s requirement, they can choose any one of these plans!  Before its expiry date, the provider needs to renew the plan, or upgrade! Otherwise, they will no longer be able to get service requests.

Expand Your Business with Mobile App Development Company

Now that you know how to expand your business with the Gojek Clone app in Thailand, it is time you start looking for a perfect clone app script!

Clone App Development Company is a globally-renowned name in the industry with over a decade of experience in developing and launching apps like Gojek.

So, if you want to launch a business that not only helps you expand the business but also makes more profits and ultimately gets you on #1, get in touch with the experts!

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