Do You Take Court Ordered People in Drug Rehab Center?

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At Nova Recovery Center, we offer rehab treatments for all kinds of addictions to people from every background. We also recruit our personnel, from psychiatrists to clinicians from all backgrounds, ages and cultures. This is to make sure our inpatients feel comfortable during their treatments. Also, they won’t have to fear they might be discriminated against by anyone. This is one of the reasons why Nova Recovery Center is one of the best drug rehab centers in the US. We offer admissions based on the person’s need for recovery, hence, we don’t mind where they come from, or what they did before they got here.


Court Order for a Rehab is More Prevalent

All that matters in the center is the person is willing to change their ways by quitting drugs and we need to help them. With growing numbers of people addicted to drugs, a lot of people are being prosecuted in the courts as being under influence while committing a crime. The court then sentences them a few weeks to a few months in a recovery center. The earlier practice of jailing them directly without any restitution is being given up by most judges. This is a welcoming move too, for people to get a chance to change their lives for better through a drug rehab.


Rehab For Non-Violent Criminals 

In some cases, people commit non-violent crime and end up in the courts. They realize their mistakes after they wake up the next morning, but before they can make up their minds they will be sentenced to rehab. Such people may not be willing to get into rehab, but it is necessary for them. Here at Nova, we provide personalized treatments for people addicted to any drug. They can make use of this privatized treatment and get normal with full confidentiality. It will be as if no one knows you came here and went out.


We Provide Rehab for 15 Months

Our in-patient drug addiction rehab program usually lasts between 90 days to 6 months. In severe cases where the person has been overly addicted and their physical condition is so weak, they can stay at our facility for up to 15 months too. This way they can avail a comprehensive treatment plan that involves their physical, and psychological upliftment. They can even opt for a luxury drug rehab program and get top-class amenities for their extended stay in the center.


Be Free from All Addictions at Nova Recovery Center

It doesn’t matter where you might be from, or what job you do, or how old you are, if you are ready to gain sobriety by quitting your long-standing drug addictions, we can help you. Our facility is powered by experienced psychiatrists, and medical professionals who work round the clock to provide utmost care to our patients. We also provide urgent care to people who seek addiction related emergencies. Call us up when you need our services, our doors are always open for you. Get free from addiction today.

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