8 Types of Tapers Haircut

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Taper haircuts are a trendy short haircut for those who prefer a slicked-back, clean-cut appearance. These haircuts are suitable for all hair types, including thick and curly hair. A taper haircut is extremely versatile.


What Exactly Is a Taper?

A taper is a men's haircut that is distinguished by longer hair beginning at the hairline and shorter hair on the sides of the head and the nape of the neck. Tapers come in a variety of styles, but the most common is to see short hair on the sides of the heads mixed with a lot of volume on top.


8 Types of Tapers

A taper haircut is a popular hairstyle available at barbershops. Here are a few examples, including fades (a type of taper):

1. A fade haircut: A fade transitions longer hair into a buzz cut. A fade haircut appears to have longer hair disappearing (or "fading") from the top of the head into the hairline at the neck and sides of the head. Fade haircuts are frequently worn with comb-overs, pompadours, quiffs, and faux hawks.

2. A haircut with a high fade: This is a fade haircut that begins at the top of the head. A high fade haircut creates a lot of volume on top of the head. A high fade haircut leaves enough hair on the sides of the head for doodles.

3. A high taper: The hair on this long taper has a lot of length on top, but it's cut about an inch lower along the sides of the head and neck.

4. A low taper: This type of taper reduces the length of your hair around the lower edge of your ear. This traditional taper allows for more length on each side of the head while remaining trim around the neck.

5. A mid fade haircut: A mid fade has a longer buzzed appearance than a skin fade but is shorter than a high fade. This hairstyle is a middle ground between the two, and a mid fade can soften your appearance. In general, a mid fade haircut has longer hair around the ears and shorter hair on top of the head.

6. A mid taper: A mid taper resembles a low taper, but the hair is cut around the top of your ear. There will appear to be a horizontal line between the top length of hair and the bottom short cut.

7. A skin fade haircut: A skin fade tapers off into the skin but terminates at the hair line. Barbers cut a skin fade, also known as a bald fade, very close to the skin so that the scalp can be seen.

8. Taper and side part: Some tapers use a classy side part to separate the two sections of hair. You must style the side part, which will be emphasized by a smooth cut down the back and sides of the head.


How Do Taper vs. Fade Haircuts Compare?

Although taper and fade haircuts appear similar, they are two distinct types of hairstyles.

What you need to know about the two haircuts is as follows:

1. A tapered hairstyle is less pronounced. The primary distinction between a taper and a fade is that a classic taper gradually reduces the length of the hair. The look of a fade can have a significant difference between the long and short sections of hair.

2. A taper is a type of fade. Although fades are a type of taper, not all taper are fades. A taper reduces the thickness of the hair, whereas a fade blends it into the natural hairline. Both are popular hairstyles.

3. Both styles work with curly hair. Both hairstyles complement tight curly hair. If you have looser curls, you may want to go with a medium length tapering to show them off.

4. Styling a taper is not the same as styling a fade. You'll need to run a brush or hair products through it if you choose a taper or fade that leaves more hair along the neckline or back of the hair. Fades frequently include designs along the scalp, which must be maintained. Choosing a fade with short sides is a low-maintenance option.

5. Stylists create fades and tapers with clippers and blades. While your stylist will dictate how your hair is cut, they will typically use a combination of clippers and blades to achieve these looks.

6. Tapers necessitate fewer visits to the barbershop. Fades typically necessitate a significant amount of maintenance on a regular basis. Expect to visit your barbershop frequently if you choose a fade haircut.

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