Kona Coffee: Straight from the Source

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Kona coffee is one of the most sought-after varieties of specialty coffee, and it's understandable why. With its unique flavor and aroma profile, it's no surprise that connoisseurs worldwide love this 100% Hawaiian coffee favorite. But did you know there are distinct advantages to buying Kona beans directly from the grower? Let's examine why shopping straight from the source can be so beneficial.


Growers that sell their beans direct to consumers deliver optimal freshness.


The Freshest Beans

When you buy your Kona coffee directly from the grower, you get them the freshest beans possible. Most small Kona coffee growers roast in micro-batches, so they are not storing large quantities of roasted beans. As soon as orders come in, the beans are roasted, bagged up and shipped out fresh. This is incredibly important for the optimal enjoyment of this high-priced, specialty coffee. Within days of roasting, coffee begins to off-gas and lose freshness. When you buy from a retailer (think Costco or your local grocery store), there's no telling how long those beans have been sitting on a shelf or in transit before they reached you. With direct-trade coffee, however, coffee is shipped right to your doorstep.  -- from farm to your table, so to speak.

One tip: Buy whole-bean Kona coffee.  Why?  It keeps its freshness significantly longer than ground coffee, which begins to get stale when exposed to air.  The small investment of a good Burr mill grinder (Cuisinart sells one for about $50) is well worth the price since it enables you to grind your coffee fresh and store the whole beans in an airtight container until the following day.


Kona coffee growers Steve and Joanie Wynn nurture their coffee from crop to cup.


You Know Where Your Kona Coffee Comes From

When you shop directly from the grower, you can learn more about how your Kona coffee was grown and processed. This knowledge gives you insight and an appreciation for the labor-intensive coffee farming and production process.  You can also learn about the unique terroir of the farm and what flavors to expect in each sip.

Kona Earth is a family-owned, single-estate Kona coffee farm - meaning it only sells 100% Kona coffee beans grown on its own farm. This single-estate, artisanal approach gives the grower control over the entire production, from growing the fruit, to processing and roasting the beans.  Located on the tropical slopes of the Hualalai volcano at about 2000 feet in elevation, the coffee trees grow lush in the high "mauka" climate. The cherry ripens slowly which allows the beans to reach remarkable size & flavor.


Kona coffee family: Steve, Ryan and Joanie Wynn


You Support Family Farms

Family farms are the lifeblood of Kona coffee. They represent most growers supplying larger Kona coffee producers and roasters. By sourcing your Kona coffee directly from the farmer, you support their small family farms and the community of workers and vendors they employ. It's a win-win for everyone!

Buying direct from the local grower wasn't always possible in Hawaii.  However, with new e-commerce options like Shopify and favorable 2-day shipping rates with FedEx, even small family farms can now offer their products direct to consumers on the mainland (and around the world).  Kona coffee growers can now deliver their high-quality, Hawaiian specialty coffee directly to coffee-loving customers, cutting out the middle-men and preserving profits for the grower.

Shopping straight from the source pays off for high-quality, specialty coffees like 100% Kona coffee. Beyond getting great-tasting beans, buying directly means a fresher product and knowing where, how and by whom your specialty coffee is grown. For an unparalleled experience in quality and taste - try buying your Kona coffee straight from the grower.

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